Alnor 6000

Alnor 6000

The TSI Alnor rotating vane RVA801 anemometer is easy-to-use and provides accurate and reliable readings. The RVA801 uses a simple button operation to measure air velocity, air volume and temperature and displays readings in metric or imperial mode from 50-6000 ft/min (0...

# Unique design is useful for measuring velocity from grilles, coils, filters and registers # 4" swivel head allows LCD display to always face operator # Simple button operation allows for one-touch or continuous averaging # Indicates volume flow in CFM, L/S and M3/H # Indicates velocity in FPM, MPH, M/S and KM/H # Velocity range: 50?6,000 FPM (±1% of readings +4 FPM) # Temperature range: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C) # Includes black carrying pouch and four AA batteries # Increase the instrument capability with the optional AirCone flow hood kit, turning the RVA801 into an air volume flow balancing tool # Two-year limited warranty

This is a TSI Alnor 90° diffuser probe for TSI Alnor series 6000 velometers. 36" length.

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